Accelerate Marketers to Become High-Performing, In-Demand Fractional CMOs.

CMOx’s Challenges

The 47 million women entering menopause each year are not getting the healthcare solutions they need. In fact, only 6% of women seeking treatment for their symptoms actually get it. How is this even possible?

We think it’s total B.S. And we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. Women of all ages deserve to feel fantastic. And we can—because there is relief to be found.


Increased Sales




MOM lead volume


Our Solution

A role to become a Fractional CMO can be very rewarding, but to be coached into a refined expert is a challenge for many marketing agencies and consultants who want to scale their own businesses.

Henge has supplied the right marketing strategies packaged with astonishing creatives, to deliver high performing results across all advertising channels. All current members in their Fractional CMO journey are satisfied in the high-value the program provides.



Our favorite part of digital advertising lies within the creative process. Henge will strategize and produce unique and scalable creatives that converts your prospects into customers.

Paid Ads

Our team of advertising experts will ensure your advertising dollars are spent with a focus on revenue generation.

From the CMOx Executives

“The team was able to create a plan to renovate our whole strategy, lighting with no disruption to the core business. Highly recommend!”

Jon Johnson

Safeway General manager