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Helping lead generation & ecommerce businesses profit in the attention economy.




Henge is a world class creative digital advertising agency managing over $9M+ annualy in ad spend. Our speciality is scaling clients with large and profitable markets, our innovative mass market approach has been battle tested in markets of all shapes and sizes.


We take over your entire advertising experience from creative strategy and production to funnel development and on-going media buying.



Our favorite part of digital advertising lies within the creative process. Henge will strategize and produce unique and scalable creatives that converts your prospects into customers.

  • UGC
  • Static Images
  • Illustrations
  • Motion Graphics


Our team of advertising experts will ensure your advertising dollars are spent with a focus on profit generation.

  • Budget Management
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Research & Development


  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search
  • Sponsored Content


We create personalized high-converting landing pages and funnels to transform paid traffic into paying customers.

  • Landing Pages
  • Full Stack Development

Your Dream Team

Tim Sok

Tim Sok


Visionary entrepreneurs trust Tim Sok to turn bold & creative ideas into highly profitable advertisements that source top qualified prospects. Tim’s creative, revenue-centric and innovative approach to online advertising is why businesses have chosen him to manage over $9M in advertising budgets per year.

Through Henge, he helps successful business owners to execute market-moving and performance-driven advertising across the entire internet.

He’s created strategies, launched products, organized experiences, and has helped 7-9 figure businesses 2-5x their revenue through online advertising.

As a past startup founder turned agency owner… Tim’s vast experiences in achieving successful marketing efforts even in the toughest of markets are why world-class professionals choose to work with Tim.

He is also a high-performance Fractional CMO who has experience strategizing and delegating high-leverage decisions that make a significant bottom-line impact on businesses.

Tim recently embarked on a long-term digital nomad excursion as of April 1st, 2022. Journeying 6-8 months per year. Tim enjoys learning about new cultures and environments while connecting with the locals.

His current professional endeavor is Henge, a premium creative-performance advertising agency co-founded with Josh Kwon.

Tim is a passionate agency owner who cares deeply about his work and clients’ success and believes in the value of his marketing skills.

Josh Kwon

Josh Kwon


Josh is an introspective, serial entrepreneur, and the most prestige executive there is, as a Co-founder of Henge!

Senior data analyst, owner of multiple ventures, with a cyber security and front-end development background, Josh has his hands in many pockets as a decision-maker and problem-solver, with his rigorous education and lucrative background.

With his expertise, Josh has scaled, managed, and consulted over 8 startups in his career, including brands like Spacejely LC, Mooncity studio, RGI retail investments, Mypick App, Alloy health, and UPS subsidiary companies, all were able to raise more than 1 million in funding.

His high level of detail and tech-savvy discipline creates high-performing environments for his leadership and core team. Giving him the edge on what makes a startup thrive and scale with profitability. Bringing creative solutions and strategies for all challenging issues, such as solving problems to reach KPIs, building frameworks, and system designs that bring extreme value to our clients.

Alex Murillo

Alex Murillo

Marketing Director

Alex is a marketing professional when it comes to sourcing ideas, frameworks and systems. He shows competitive teamwork with his group, understands the value of high level businesses objectives and shows tenacious determination.

He specializes in social media marketing, creative strategy, and is an expert PPC manager on primary channels like Google and Facebook Ads.

Alex maximizes the capacity for his team by taking on multiple projects and brings value to our clients through collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Fun Fact: He’s also developed his own E-books!

Eduardo  Burle

Eduardo Burle

Head Media Buyer

Eduardo has been actively working with Digital Marketing and Paid Traffic, with extensive experience in Product Management and Sales.

In his career, he planned strategies and funnels for sales, audience creation, and lead generation, carrying out the operationalization, configuration of ad infrastructure, and mainly campaign optimizations, through main platforms in the marketing space.

Eduardo is a passionate problem solver who prides himself on turning complex challenges into simple solutions.

Having experience as a business owner, salesman, strategist, and product manager allows him to quickly analyze a product or idea from all angles and offers creative solutions.

Fun Fact: He is also a bachelor's in Biological Sciences!

“BIG shout out to the Henge team. They literally are the most productive, clear, and outcome-driven ad agency i’ve worked with.”

Mike Law